Zack Kopplin, Student Leader of Repeal Creationism

The battle to teach Creationism in classes is playing out in the Bayou. In 2008, Louisiana passed the Louisiana Science Education Act, which many people say actually is an end around to allow teachers to refute Darwinism with Creationism. The law is supported by Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, among others, but now, the debate has gone global. More than 70 Nobel scientists and scores of clergy have lined up behind an outspoken and well-organized leader who wants the Act repealed. Who is that leader? Zack Koplin is a Baton Rouge-born, 20 year old college sophomore at Rice University. He is leading the charge and he joins me now. (Originally broadcast 5-5-13 on The John Batchelor Show)

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  1. Animal genome coding similarities in species descended from a common ancestor (E.G. dogs and wolves, chimps and bonobos, bonobos and sapiens, dolphins and porpoises) prove evolution far, far beyond any doubt.

    The Intelligent Design argument is crushed by proof.

    If one does not believe in Evolution, one does not understand Evolution.

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