Taegan Goddard, Founder of Political Wire & Editor-at-Large at The Week.com

For many of us — perhaps even President Obama — it felt like his second term political honeymoon didn’t last much beyond the start of his Inauguration Speech. Thanks to the real-time Tweets and online commentary, we saw right away that his declaration of governing for the next four years was not going to be quietly accepted. So if you were feeling a bit sad that the election was over and we’re now destined for the quiet and serious business of governing, don’t look so down. It’s as if our US political motto has become: The campaign is dead; long live the campaign! So which way is forward? Few follow US policy and politics more closely than our good friend Taegan Goddard, Founder of Political Wire and Editor-at-Large at The Week.com. (Originally broadcast 1-27-13 on The John Batchelor Show)