Steven Heller, School of Visual Arts

You know how you’ve been told don’t just a book by its cover? Our next guest will tell you the exact opposite. In fact you can tell a lot by the design of a book’s cover, as well as the design of a web site, even the existence and placement of the universal pricing code, the lines and numbers that serve as the fingerprint on the packaging of nearly everything we buy. The art of graphic design signals for us, consciously and unconsciously, a message. And it’s fascinating and important to understand — in simple ways — how design impacts. How it impacts our understanding of and connection with ideas and experiences. Here to help us understand is Steven Heller. He writes the Visuals column of the NY Times Magazine, he serves at the School of Visual Arts, and he is the author of “100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design.” (Originally broadcast 5-12-12 on The John Batchelor Show)

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