Steve Bonadio, InnoCentive, on Crowdsourcing

We all know the drill: A problem comes up at the office — A new sales area, new potential product, new customer segment. The boss says, I don’t want the same old solutions; we need to be more innovative. And so you get a couple of colleagues, and you innovate. At least you try to. But what if instead of sharing your challenge with a couple of colleagues and benefiting from just their feedback, you shared your challenge with more than 200,000 innovators around the world. And they thought about your problem – for free – until you chose a solution from this global pile of solutions and then — and only then — you paid for the service. It’s called Crowdsourcing and it drives something called open innovation. And one company has created a marketplace to drive this organized Crowdsourcing. It’s called InnoCentive. Steve Bonadio is a vice president there, and he joins me now. (Originally broadcast 10-27-12 on The John Batchelor Show)

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