Sandra Bloodworth, Director, MTA Arts

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Carnegie Hall. MOMA. We all know the world-class list of places to appreciate art or music in New York. But what if you learned that some of the city’s greatest works weren’t hanging on walls in front of your eyes, but instead were some 1,000 yards under your feet in the 1 line. That’s right, the subway. And the trains. And buses. They’re all run not by the Met, but by the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the MTA. It displays an art and music collection so impressive, that when it released its app in March — that’s right, the MTA has an app where you can view all the works right on your phone — the NY Times Art Critic called it the most underrated art museum in NY. Sandra Bloodworth oversees it all as Director, MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design — the master curator of the MTA. And she joins us now. (Originally broadcast 6-30-12 on The John Batchelor Show)

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