Midterm elections preview

Midterm Elections Preview: Blue Wave or Red Save? (Live from Harvard Kennedy School)

On Oct. 26 I hosted a great panel discussion on the 2018 midterm elections at Harvard’s Kennedy School. Guests included GOP strategist Rick Wilson, CNN legal and national security analyst Asha Rangappa,  FiveThirtyEight analyst Clare Malone, and Political Wire Publisher Taegan Goddard.

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Intro: Midterm Elections Preview

Welcome to our special live podcast event: Midterm Elections Preview: Blue Wave or Red Save?

In 11 days, America will vote. A recent podcast guest of mine said, “Democracy is on the ballot.” Meanwhile, Donald Trump insists he’s on the ballot. Our country stands as divided as ever: By Race. Education. Income. Opportunity. Gender. Political Party.

So what exactly is at stake on Nov. 6? What direction might things go? Perhaps most importantly, what happens next?

In lieu of actual crystal balls, we’ve got some of the best thinkers and strategists for the next 60 minutes… so let’s get going:

  • Taegan Goddard: Publisher of Political Wire
  • Asha Rangappa: CNN Legal and National Security Analyst; Former FBI Agent; Senior Lecturer, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale University (Asha was a pod guest here)
  • Rick Wilson: Republican Political Strategist; #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, “Everything Trump Touches Dies” (Rick was a pod guest here)
  • Clare Malone: FiveThirtyEight senior political writer and a panelist on the weekly FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast.

Want to watch instead? Here’s the video: