Mick Cornett, Mayor, Oklahoma City

Ask most people in our country to describe Oklahoma City, and the first response will likely be Western. Maybe home to the NBA finalists Oklahoma City Thunder. But if they really knew Oklahoma City, the first word they should choose just might be “skinny.” That’s right. Skinny. And it’s because of their three-term Mayor Mick Cornett. When he decided to lose weight about five years ago, he made it a civic cause. He challenged his city to lose weight with him – one million pounds. Not so they could look good, but because it fits perfectly with the vision he is implementing: To make the improvements needed to drive up Oklahoma City’s quality of life. And it’s working. How is it working? That’s what Mayor Mick Cornett is here to tell us. (Originally broadcast 10-27-12 on The John Batchelor Show)