Liz Heron, Wall St. Journal, Director of Social Media & Engagement

If you thought this year’s political conventions were meant to highlight the political parties — introduce their platforms, candidates, rising stars — you’re forgiven for being greatly mistaken. Most times it felt like both conventions were put on — at a cost of some $150MM — as a coming out party for social media. Watching a speech without also following on Twitter? You must be stuck in 1960. Haven’t liked a candidate’s Facebook page? That’s very 1980 of you. Didn’t follow the Presidents “AMA” — that’s “ask me anything” for the un-indoctrinated? This isn’t 1992 people! But if you want to know how social impacted the Conventions and how it’s changing journalism as we know, my next guest is one of the leading forces of that change. Liz Heron is Director of Social Media and Engagement at The Wall Street Journal, which she joined from the NY Times about six months ago. I’ve been trying to get her as a guest ever since, and she finally broke down. (Originally broadcast 9-8-12 on The John Batchelor Show)

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