Laura Stoll, New Economics Foundation

What causes well-being? What enables some people and societies and countries to prosper and others to fail? What does it mean to prosper — is it the same as being happy? Starting about 30 years ago — and picking up exponentially in the last decade — academics really began to research the question in new ways. Looking at the data and trying to draw conclusions. But while each set of conclusions may be interesting on their own, how can we — as societies — put them into action. How can they collectively influence our social policies — and should they? A research team from the New Economics Foundation in London has attacked this question. They have looked at research covering the last 30 years and beyond to begin, as they put it, “transferring the large and growing body of academic literature to policymakers” in a range of countries. The piece is called “Well-being evidence for policy: A review,” and joining us now from London, co-author Laura Stoll. (Originally broadcast 6-2-12 on The John Batchelor Show)

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