Larry Sabato, Univ. of Virginia and Sabato’s Crystal Ball

For anyone trying to make sense now of the 2014 or even 2016 election cycles, good luck. For Republicans, battles around the party’s direction – battles that surely will play out even in upcoming primaries. For Democrats, real questions of how closely candidates will stand behind the President and the health care reform plan.

And then there’s the gridlock – from government shutdown to Obamacare rollout to nuclear option, many Americans wonder what it will take to make government work again.

As the midterm election season approaches, you almost need a crystal ball to get a clear view of what’s most likely to occur. Luckily, we have one.

Larry Sabato is University of Virginia Professor of Politics and director of their Center for Politics. He is also Editor in Chief of Sabato’s Crystal Ball, the must-read, detailed analysis for elections across the country.

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