Joe Trippi: Political Strategist & Media Consultant

The holidays are over and politics is back. After what was a relatively quiet two weeks – President Obama didn’t even have to leave Hawaii this year – Washington and our other political centers are back to life.

And as we begin the 2014 Midterm season – and with a State of the Union address on the way – some analysis on where we stand? And for this conversation, more specifically, where does the Democratic Party stand?

One major issue: Inequality. Unemployment benefits, minimum wage and new efforts to address a growing financial gap in our country. And of course another issue: Obamacare. Now that it’s in full action, how will it work as policy and politics?

Few spend more time thinking about Democratic chances – or helping mold public opinion – than Joe Trippi. Political Strategist & Media Consultant who has run or helped run campaigns for President, governor and more; Founder and President of Trippi and Associates; and author of “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Democracy, the Internet and the Overthrow of Everything.”

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