Paul Tough, Author, “How Children Succeed”

The question “how children succeed” is as complex and controversial as it is direct. It’s a question that antagonizes on the micro level — what parent doesn’t worry endlessly about what skills and advantages Johnny or Susie needs? — just as it confounds on the macro level — how should our country educate the young in a hyper-connected world where competition is global, intense and increasing? For many of us it’s been called the “Rug Rat Race,” the answer has seemed to be: Push your child more. Provide more and more information. Learn and test. Learn and test. But what if that answer is wrong? What if instead of learning “what”, our kids should be learning much more “how.” How to connect. How to adapt. How to persevere? Based on a whole lot of research and stories to fill out the science, that’s the conclusion of Paul Tough, author of the appropriately named and influential new book “How Children Succeed.” (Originally broadcast 9-8-12 on The John Batchelor Show)

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  1. I enjoy the stuff you put in here. Very pertinent information. Consider yourself book-marked.


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