Dr. Gabrielle Walker, Scientist & Author of “Antarctica”

It’s got no trees. No grass. No culture has ever lived there. It was the site to the greatest race among explorers in our time. It’s about 1.5 times the size of the US and for half the year, it sits in darkness. Of course, I’m talking about Antarctica. And if you’re at all like me and you spend too much time watching nature shows that take you to the furthest reaches of the Earth, you’re fascinated by the idea of this ice continent. It’s also a place that has drawn — some five times — scientist Gabrielle Walker. Dr. Walker has a Ph.D. in chemistry from Cambridge. She has taught there and at Princeton and she recently pulled together her views on what she calls “the most alien place on the planet.” (Originally broadcast 12-16-12 on The John Batchelor Show)

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