Diane Brady, Sr. Editor Bloomberg Businessweek

It’s certainly not often that a company’s naming a new boardmember becomes news that goes viral on the Internet. But Faceboook is not just any company. And Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is not just any new boardmember. She’s the FIRST female boardmember at the company that carries a bit of a boys club reputation. She also gains this title in the middle of another discussion that grabbed attention this week — one that Sandberg herself has helped champion: The question of whether professional women can have rewarding work-life balance. It’s been called “Having it all.” I don’t know if Businessweek Bloomberg Senior Editor Diane Brady has it all… but she surely has most of it. And she always has all the answers. She joins us now. (Originally broadcast 6-30-12 on The John Batchelor Show)

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