Guy Lagache, VP & Journalist, French Television “Direct 8”

By now you surely know that one of the world’s great democracies is in the middle of a Presidential election race where the main issues have been a leading contender’s extra-marital affairs, record unemployment, destabilizing economic threats from within the Euro Zone, and the rise of Islamic violence that threatens domestic security. What you might not know is the voting for this race occurs not this November, but next Saturday. That’s because the country is France. And if you think the issues and the scandals here are crazy, you forget what’s been going on over there. One person who knows full well what’s going on over there is Guy Lagache, the leading French journalist, longtime host of their most popular news shows called Capital, and now Vice President of Programs and News at Direct 8. Guy joins us now from the City of Light. Guy, thanks for staying up with us. (Originally broadcast 4-12-12 on The John Batchelor Show)

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